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Music Performances

TitleComposerDate Performed
Adagio for StringsBarber, Samuel5/04/1982
Divertimento, K. 136Mozart, W. A.5/04/1982
Overture to Fidelio, Op.72Beethoven, Ludwig van5/04/1982
Symphony No. 7 in A, Op. 92Beethoven, Ludwig van5/04/1982
Symphony No. 44 (Trauersymphonie) in e minorHaydn, Franz Joseph5/10/1983
Symphony No. 5 in e minor (New World)Dvorak, Antonin5/10/1983
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K. 525Mozart, W. A.5/10/1983
La Gazza Ladra OvertureRossini, G.5/10/1983
La Gazza Ladra OvertureRossini, G.9/20/1983
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K. 525Mozart, W. A.9/20/1983
Poco Adagio Cantabile from Emperor Quartet, Op. 76., No. 3Haydn, Franz Joseph9/20/1983
Symphony No. 5 in e minor (New World)Dvorak, Antonin9/20/1983
Symphony No. 44 (Trauersymphonie) in e minorHaydn, Franz Joseph9/20/1983
Prelude and Fugue in d minorHandel, G. F.5/06/1984
Egmont Overture, Op. 84Beethoven, Ludwig van5/06/1984
Hungarian March from "Damnation of Faust"Berlioz, Hector5/06/1984
Fifth Symphony, "Reforamtion", Op.107Mendelssohn, Felix5/06/1984
A Shakespeare Suite, "Richard III"Walton, William5/06/1984
Hungarian Dance No. 5Brahms, Johannes12/04/1984
Evening Prayer and Dream Pantomine from Hansel & GretelHumperdinck, Engelbert12/04/1984
Poet and Peasant OvertureSuppe, Franz von12/04/1984
Polka and Fugue from "Schvanda"Weinberger, Jaromir12/04/1984
Rosamunde OvertureSchubert, Franz12/04/1984
Overture to the Magic FluteMozart, W. A.5/07/1985
MusetteHandel, G. F.5/07/1985
Hungarian Dance No. 6Brahms, Johannes5/07/1985
Suite (Ouverture)Bach, J. S.5/07/1985
The Great Gate of Kiev from "Pictures at an Exhibition"Moussorgsky5/07/1985
Variations SymphoniquesFranck, Cesar5/07/1985
Symphony No. 1, Op. 68, first movementBrahms, Johannes12/10/1985
Danse Baccanale from "Samson and Delila"Saint Saens, Camille12/10/1985
Der Freischuetz OvertureWeber, Carl Maria von 12/10/1985
Overture to Coriolan, Op. 62Beethoven, Ludwig van12/10/1985
Canon for StringsPachelbel12/10/1985
Academic Festival OvertureBrahms, Johannes5/06/1986
Peer Gynt Suite No. 2Grieg, Edvard5/06/1986
Overture to the Barber of SevilleRossini, G.5/06/1986
Divertimento, K.136Mozart, W. A.5/06/1986
Fugue and Vivace Op. 5, No.2Corelli, Arcangelo5/06/1986
Symphony No. 8, "Unfinished"Schubert, Franz5/06/1986
Water Music SuiteHandel, G. F.5/06/1986
Concerto, Op. 5, No.1Albinoni, Tomaso12/01/1986
Adagio for StringsBarber, Samuel12/01/1986
Andante Cantabile from string quartet Op. 11, arr. TobaniTschaikowsky, P. I.12/01/1986
Concerto Grosso, Op. 3, No. 8Vivaldi, Antonio12/01/1986
Concerto Grosso, Op. 6, No. 4Corelli, Arcangelo12/01/1986
Concerto Grosso, Op. 6, No. 8 (Christmas Concerto)Corelli, Arcangelo12/01/1986
Concerto Grosso in d minor, Op. 3, No. 11Vivaldi, Antonio5/05/1987
Chamber Suite in DHandel, G. F.5/05/1987
Allegro in C Major from quartet No. 4, K.157Mozart, W. A.5/05/1987
Fugue in g minorBach, J. S.5/05/1987
Symphonie VI en quator, Op. 6Gossec, Francois-Joseph5/05/1987
Summer from "The Four Seasons", Op. 8, No. 2Vivaldi, Antonio12/01/1987
Spring from "The Four Seasons", Op. 8, No. 1Vivaldi, Antonio12/01/1987
Dances of TransylvaniaBartok, Bela12/01/1987
Adagio in g minor fro Strings and OrganAlbinoni, Tomaso12/01/1987
Adagio for String Orchestra, KV 546Mozart, W. A.12/01/1987
Chacony in g minor for StringsPurcell, Henry12/01/1987
Adagio and Fugue in c minor, KV 546Mozart, W. A.5/03/1988
Autumn from "The Four Seasons", Op. 8, No. 3Vivaldi, Antonio5/03/1988
Piano Concerto No. 1 in d minorBach, J. S.5/03/1988
Serenade for StringsWolf-Ferrari, Ermanno5/03/1988
Winter from "The Four Seasons", Op. 8, No. 4Vivaldi, Antonio5/03/1988
St. Pauls' SuiteHolst, Gustav12/05/1988
SonateLeclair, Jean-Marie12/05/1988
Melody in F from "Ortheus"Gluck, Ch W12/05/1988
Concerto Grosso, Op. 1, No.2Locatelli, Pietro12/05/1988
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K. 525Mozart, W. A.12/05/1988
Concerto GrossoCorelli, Arcangelo12/05/1988
Concerto Grosso, Op.5, No. 1Albinoni, Tomaso5/09/1989
Canon for StringsPachelbel5/09/1989
Brandenburg Concerto No. 3Bach, J. S.5/09/1989
Gavotte and GigueCorelli, Arcangelo5/09/1989
Salzburger Sinfonie, K.V. 136Mozart, W. A.5/09/1989
Salzburger Sinfonie, K.V. 138Mozart, W. A.5/09/1989
Psalm and Fugue for String Orchestra, Op. 40aHovhaness, Alan12/04/1989
Largo from Concerto in d minorBach, J. S.12/04/1989
Air from Suite No. 3 in D MajorBach, J. S.12/04/1989
Suite in Ancient Style, from Holberg's Time, Op. 40Grieg, Edvard12/04/1989
Sinfonie No. 5 in d minor for Strings and FlutesScarlatti, Alessandro12/04/1989
Suite in C MajorPurcell, Henry5/08/1990
AriosoBach, J. S.5/08/1990
Andante from First SymphonyBeethoven, Ludwig van5/08/1990
CanzonaHasse, J. A.5/08/1990
Canzonetta, Op. 12Mendelssohn, Felix5/08/1990
LargoHandel, G. F.5/08/1990
Menuet from g minor Symphony, K. 550Mozart, W. A.5/08/1990
Overture in f# minorTelemann, G. P.5/08/1990
Concerto Grosso in d minor, Op. 3, No.11Vivaldi, Antonio12/03/1990
Concerto Grosso No. 8 (Christmas Concerto)Corelli, Arcangelo12/03/1990
Andante Cantabile from Quartet Op. 11Tschaikowsky, P. I.12/03/1990
Symphony No. 6Gossec, Francois-Joseph12/03/1990
Water Music SuiteHandel, G. F.12/03/1990
Serenade for String Orchestra, Op. 20Elgar, Edward5/07/1991
Allegro in C Major from Quartet No. 4, K.157Mozart, W. A.5/07/1991
Concerto Grosso in D major, Op. 6, No. 4Corelli, Arcangelo5/07/1991
Concerto Grosso in a minor, Op. 3, No. 8Vivaldi, Antonio5/07/1991
Chacony in g minorPurcell, Henry5/07/1991
Nocturne from Incidental Music to ShylockFaure, Gabriel5/07/1991
RhosymedreWilliams, Ralph Vaughn12/10/1991
Fugue in g minorBach, J. S.12/10/1991
Chamber Suite in DHandel, G. F. 12/10/1991
Autumn from "The Four Seasons", Op. 8, No. 3Vivaldi, Antonio12/10/1991
Winter from "The Four Seasons", Op. 8, No. 4Vivaldi, Antonio12/10/1991
Tarantella ScozzeseSica5/05/1992
Spring from "The Four Seasons", Op. 8, No. 2Vivaldi, Antonio5/05/1992
Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra, from violin sonatas of A. CorelliBarbirolli, John5/05/1992
Double Violin concerto in d minorBach, J. S.5/05/1992
Il Mio Doloro (Italian Folk Song)Sica4/18/1994
Minuetto No. 2Puccini, Giacomo4/18/1994
ArieBach, J. S.4/18/1994
Air and GavotteBach, J. S.4/18/1994
Suite from the Twelve Sonatas (Sonata X)Boyce, William4/18/1994
Sinfonie in ATartini, Giuseppe4/18/1994
Adagio for Clarinet and String OrchestraWagner, Richard12/05/1994
Christmas ConcertoManfredini, Francesco12/05/1994
Melody in FGluck, Ch W12/05/1994
Minuetto No. 1 for StringsPuccini, Giacomo12/05/1994
Orchestra Quartet in G MajorStamitz, Carl12/05/1994
Romance, Op. 42Sibelius, Jean12/05/1994
Sicilian AirPergolesi, G. B.4/24/1995
Sinfonia in G MajorSammartini, Giovanni Battista4/24/1995
Spring from "The Four Seasons", Op. 8, No. 1Vivaldi, Antonio4/24/1995
Summer from "The Four Seasons", Op. 8, No. 2Vivaldi, Antonio4/24/1995
Waltz, Op. 54, No .1Dvorak, Antonin4/24/1995
WaltzWeber, Carl Maria von 4/24/1995
The Shepherd's LotteryBoyce, William12/11/1995
Sinfonia in G DurAlbinoni, Tomaso12/11/1995
Sinfonia a 4Albinoni, Tomaso12/11/1995
Sinfonia No. 7 in D MajorMendelssohn, Felix12/11/1995
Menuet from the Oxford SymphonyHaydn, Franz Joseph12/11/1995
Larghetto from Concerto Grosso No. 12Handel, G. F.12/11/1995
Overture in F# minorTelemann, G. P.4/22/1996
Gavotte and GigueCorelli, Arcangelo4/22/1996
Air and GavotteBach, J. S.4/22/1996
Suite No. 5 in CPurcell, Henry4/22/1996
Symphony VI in QuatuorGossec, Francois-Joseph4/22/1996
Water Music SuiteHandel, G. F. 4/22/1996
Sonata da Chiesa, Op. 3, No. 12Corelli, Arcangelo12/16/1996
Adagio for Violin and Orchestra, E Major, K261Mozart, W. A.12/16/1996
Aria con VariazioneFrescobaldi, G.12/16/1996
Concerto a Cinque, Op. 7, No.1Albinoni, Tomaso12/16/1996
Divertimento, Op. 1, No. 1Haydn, Franz Joseph12/16/1996
Rondo for Violin and Orchestra, C major, KV373Mozart, W. A.12/16/1996
Rondo from the Concertino for Clarinet and Orchestra in E flatBaermann, Heinrich J.4/22/1997
Divertimento No. 2 in E-flat MajorHaydn, Franz Joseph4/22/1997
Divertimento in D MajorHaydn, Michael4/22/1997
Concerto Grosso in D Major, Op. 2, No.4Geminiani, Francesco4/22/1997
Air for StringsDello Joio, Norman4/22/1997
Six PiecesLully, J. B. 4/22/1997
Slow Movement from First SymphonyBeethoven, Ludwig van12/08/1997
TraumereiSchumann, Robert12/08/1997
Concerto in d minor, Op. 3, No. 11Vivaldi, Antonio12/08/1997
Christmas Concerto, Op. 6, No. 8Corelli, Arcangelo12/08/1997
Canzonetta, Op. 12Mendelssohn, Felix12/08/1997
Divertimento, K136Mozart, W. A.12/08/1997
Divertimento No. 2 in E flat MajorHaydn, Franz Joseph4/20/1998
Divertimento in F Major, KV 138Mozart, W. A.4/20/1998
Concerto Grosso in a minor, Op. 3, No. 8Vivaldi, Antonio4/20/1998
Tarantella ScozzeseSica4/20/1998
Concerto Grosso in C, Op. 6, No. 10Corelli, Arcangelo12/07/1998
Chamber Suite in DHandel, G. F.12/07/1998
Air for StringsDello Joio, Norman12/07/1998
Concerto PolonoisTelemann, G. P.12/07/1998
Romance in G, Op. 40Beethoven, Ludwig van12/07/1998
Nocturne form the incidental music to Shylock, Op. 57Faure, Gabriel12/07/1998
Orchestra Quartet in G MajorStamitz, Carl4/19/1999
Largo from the Concerto in d minorBach, J. S.4/19/1999
RhosymedreWilliams, Ralph Vaughn4/19/1999
Canon for StringsPachelbel4/19/1999
Concerto in B Major, Op. 5, No. 1Albinoni, Tomaso4/19/1999
Concerto Grosso in G major, Op. 6, No. 1Handel, G. F.4/19/1999
Concerto Grosso in F Major, Op. 6, No.6Corelli, Arcangelo12/13/1999
Concerto Gross in d minor, Op. 2, No. 5Geminiani, Francesco12/13/1999
Sicilienne for String OrchestraBoccherini, Luigi12/13/1999
Larghetto affettuoso from Concerto Grosso, Op. 6, No. 4Handel, G. F.12/13/1999
Sinfonia a 4Albinoni, Tomaso12/13/1999
Sinfonia in G MajorAlbinoni, Tomaso12/13/1999
Symphony in G MajorGluck, Ch W5/01/2000
Suite for Strings (In Olden Style from Holberg's Time), Op. 40Grieg, Edvard5/01/2000
Vioilin Concerto No. 2 in E Major, BWV 1042Bach, J. S.5/01/2000
Mannheim Sinfonia No. 1 in G MajorStamitz, Johann5/01/2000
Four Violin Concerto in e minor, Op. 3, No. 4Vivaldi, Antonio5/01/2000
Fiddle-FaddleAnderson, Leroy12/11/2000
La MelancolieBull, Ole12/11/2000
Mannheim Sinfonia No. 3 in B flat MajorStamitz, Johann12/11/2000
American NocturneSutton, William12/11/2000
Violin Concerto in a minor, Op. 3, No. 6Vivaldi, Antonio12/11/2000
Suite for Strings (after Sonata No. 10)Boyce, William12/11/2000
Tarantella ScozzeseSica4/23/2001
Concerto for Two Violins in d minorBach, J. S.4/23/2001
Concerto Grosso, Op. 8, No. 6Torelli, Giuseppe4/23/2001
Molly On The ShoreGrainger, Percy4/23/2001
Il Mio DiloroSica12/10/2001
Hungarian Dance No. 5Brahms, Johannes12/10/2001
God Bless AmericaBerlin-Hildreth12/10/2001
Greetings of Peace (Hevenu Shalom A'leychem)Sica12/10/2001
Adagio for StringsBarber, Samuel12/10/2001
Andante Cantabile from First SymphonyBeethoven, Ludwig van12/10/2001
Waltz in A, Op. 54, No. 1Dvorak, Antonin12/10/2001
Waltz in D, Op. 54, No. 2Dvorak, Antonin12/10/2001
Water Music SuiteHandel, G. F.12/10/2001
Two Violin Concerto in C MajorTelemann, G. P.4/22/2002
To A Wild Rose from Woodland Sketches, Op. 51MacDowell, Edward4/22/2002
Andante Cantabile from String Quartet. Op. 11Tschaikowsky, P. I.4/22/2002
Arkansas Traveler (American Folk Tune)4/22/2002
Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G MajorBach, J. S.4/22/2002
Concerto a Cinque, Op. 9, No. 7Albinoni, Tomaso4/22/2002
Londonderry AirMcKay, G. F. 4/22/2002
Presto from Ballet Music for "Euryanthe"Weber, Carl Maria von4/22/2002
Largo in GHandel, G. F.2/10/2003
Melody in FGluck, Ch W2/10/2003
Concerto, Op. 7, No. 1Albinoni, Tomaso2/10/2003
Divertimento No. 1 in B-flat MajorHaydn, Franz Joseph2/10/2003
Chorus No. 78 from St. Mathew PassionSica2/10/2003
Canzonetta from Concerto in D, Op. 35Sica2/10/2003
Concerto Grosso (Christmas Concerto)Manfredini, Francesco 2/10/2003
ArieBach, J. S.2/10/2003
Andante Cantabile from First SymphonyBeethoven, Ludwig van4/28/2003
Air for StringsDello Joio, Norman4/28/2003
Air and GavotteBach, J. S.4/28/2003
Gavotte and GigueCorelli, Arcangelo4/28/2003
Fiddle-FaddleAnderson, Leroy4/28/2003
MerrimentGray, Ronald4/28/2003
Puccini ThemesSica4/28/2003
Suite for Strings from Holberg's TimeGrieg, Edvard4/28/2003
Ashokan FarewellSica12/15/2003
Bluegrass DelightSica12/15/2003
Concerto Grosso in d minor, Op.3, No. 11Vivaldi, Antonio12/15/2003
Chamber Suite in DHandel, G. F.4/26/2004
Concerto for Oboe in g minorHandel, G. F.4/26/2004
Nocturne, Op. 8, from incidental music to ShylockFaure, Gabriel4/26/2004
Op. 8, No. 1, SpringVivaldi, Antonio4/26/2004
Op. 8, No. 2, SummerVivaldi, Antonio4/26/2004
Water Music SuiteHandel, G. F.12/13/2004
To A Wild RoseMacDowell, Edward12/13/2004
Concerto PolonoisTelemann, G. P.12/13/2004
Christmas Concerto in g minor, Op. 8, No. 6Torelli, Giuseppe12/13/2004
Adagio in E for Violin and OrchestraMozart, W. A.12/13/2004
Adagio Cantabile from Pathetique SonataBeethoven, Ludwig van5/02/2005
Allegro Molto from Symphony VIGossec, Francois-Joseph5/02/2005
AirBach, J. S.5/02/2005
Concerto for Oboe and Violin in c minorBach, J. S.5/02/2005
Suite for Strings after Sonate No. 10Boyce, William5/02/2005
The Son of the Puszta, Op. 134, No.2Sica12/12/2005
Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra, from violin sonatas of A. CorelliCorelli, Arcangelo12/12/2005
Con AmoreSica12/12/2005
Adagio & Allegro from Violin Sonata in FHandel, G. F.12/12/2005
Largo & Allegro form Violin Sonata in e MinorSica12/12/2005
Sicilian AirPergolesi, G. B.12/12/2005
Simphony in AFasch, Johann Friedrich5/01/2006
Romance in C, Opus 42Sibelius, Jean5/01/2006
Concerto in M Major (D-96) for violin, strings, & continuoTartini, Giuseppe5/01/2006
Hungarian Dance No. 5Brahms, Johannes5/01/2006
The Shepherd's LotteryBoyce, William5/01/2006
Sinfonia G MajorSammartini, Giovanni Battista12/11/2006
Sinfonia G-durAlbinoni, Tomaso12/11/2006
Sinfonie G-durFasch, Johann Friedrich12/11/2006
La MelancolieBull, Ole12/11/2006
Christmas Concerto, Op. 6, No. 8Corelli, Arcangelo12/11/2006
Il Mio Doloro (Italian Folk Song)Sica4/23/2007
Greetings of Peace (Hevenu Shalom A'leychem)Sica4/23/2007
Divertimento in GHaydn, Franz Joseph4/23/2007
Sonata in a minorSica4/23/2007
Tarantella ScozzeseSica4/23/2007
Violin Concerto in a minor, Op. 3, No. 6Vivaldi, Antonio4/23/2007
Zwoelf Kleine DivertimentiHaydn, Franz Joseph12/10/2007
Symphony in G MajorGluck, Ch W12/10/2007
Sinfonia in d minor, Op. 3, No. 5Beck, Franz12/10/2007
Puccini ThemesSica12/10/2007
Pavana e GagliardaFarina-Bonelli, Carlo12/10/2007
Divertimenti Nos. 8-12Haydn, Franz Joseph4/28/2008
Concerto Grosso in d minor, Op. 2, No. 5Geminiani, Francesco4/28/2008
1812 OvertureTschaikowsky, P. I.4/28/2008
AriettaAnderson, Leroy4/28/2008
Sinfonia in A MajorTartini, Giuseppe4/28/2008
Sonata da Camera, no. 10 in GCorelli, Arcangelo4/28/2008
Sonata da Camera, no. 9 in B flatCorelli, Arcangelo4/28/2008
Yiddish ThemeSica12/08/2008
WhirligigDay, Susan H.12/08/2008
Anvil ChorusVerdi, Giuseppe12/08/2008
Concerto for Two Violins in d minor (2nd movement)Bach, J. S.12/08/2008
Capriccio EspagnolRimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay12/08/2008
Four Songs for StringsSchubert, Franz12/08/2008
I Will Follow HimMoore, Larry 12/08/2008
Puccini ThemesSica4/27/2009
Minuetto No. 1 for StringsPuccini, Giacomo4/27/2009
Chorus No. 78 from St. Mathew PassionSica4/27/2009
Ashokan FarewellSica4/27/2009
Sonata da Camera, No. 7 in FCorelli, Arcangelo4/27/2009
Sinfonia No. 7 in D MajorMendelssohn, Felix4/27/2009
Wedding Song - with thereminDay, Susan H.12/07/2009
Christmas ConcertoManfredini, Francesco12/07/2009
Largo from the New World SymphonyDvorak, Antonin12/07/2009
I Will give My Love an Apple - with thereminSica12/07/2009
Fiddle-FaddleAnderson, Leroy12/07/2009
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K. 525Mozart, W. A.12/07/2009
Divertimento No. 1, Op. 1, B-flatHaydn, Franz Joseph4/26/2010
Fledermaus WaltzesStrauss, Johan4/26/2010
Salzburg Symphony K. 136Mozart, W. A.4/26/2010
Bluegrass DelightSica4/26/2010
Back Up and PushSica4/26/2010
Themes from the MoldauSmetana, Bedrich4/26/2010
Sinfonia No. 6Torelli, Giuseppe12/06/2010
Brandenburg Concerto No. 3Bach, J. S.12/06/2010
AriosoBach, J. S.12/06/2010
Blue Danube WaltzStrauss, Johan12/06/2010
Canon for StringsPachelbel12/06/2010
Concerto in e minor for 4 violins Op. 3Vivaldi, Antonio12/06/2010
Ashokan FarewellSica5/09/2011
Adagio for StringsBarber, Samuel5/09/2011
AmadeusMozart, W. A.5/09/2011
Hungarian Dance No. 5Brahms, Johannes5/09/2011
Sinfonia in GAlbinoni, Tomaso5/09/2011
The Lovers' WaltzUngar, Jay5/09/2011
TraumeraiSchumann - Woodruff12/05/2011
Piece for StringsSica12/05/2011
Ave Verum CorpusMozart-woodhouse12/05/2011
Brandenburg Concerto No 2 - First MovementBach-isaac12/05/2011
Canzona for StringsSica12/05/2011
Chamber Suite in DHandel-Appelbaum12/05/2011
Concerto Grosso D MinorVivaldi - Raphael12/05/2011
Air on the G StringBach- Riggio5/21/2012
Fuer IngeSica, Al5/21/2012
To a Wild RoseMacDowell, Edward5/21/2012
Viotti Violin Duet #2, Op 20Sica, Al5/21/2012
Sinfonia a 4Albinoni, Tomaso5/21/2012
Symphony G MajorFasch, Johann Friedrich5/21/2012
Suite from the 12 SonatasBoyce, William5/21/2012
Sinfonia in CVivaldi, Antonio12/03/2012
Slow Movement from First SymphonyBeethoven, Ludwig van12/03/2012
Tarantella ScozzeseSica, Al12/03/2012
Andante CantabileTschaikowsky, P. I.12/03/2012
Aria con VariazioneFrescobaldi, G.12/03/2012
ArieBach, J. S.12/03/2012
Fiddle FaddleAnderson5/27/2013
Simple Song for StringsSica. A5/27/2013
Schindler's ListJohn Williams5/27/2013
Theremin FantasySica, A5/27/2013
Son of PusztaBela5/27/2013
Sinfonia in G MajorAlbinoni5/27/2013
Sinfonia in F a 4 ParteJohnsen12/16/2013
Sonata 1 a 5 op. 2 no. 1Albinoni12/16/2013
Sonata No. 1Platti12/16/2013
Concerto for Two ViolinsBach12/16/2013
Concerto Grosso in D Major op. 2 no. 4Geminiani12/16/2013
Concerto Grosso in A Minor op. 3 no. 8Vivaldi6/02/2014
Chorus no. 78 from Matthew PassionBach6/02/2014
Con AmoreSica, A6/02/2014
Brandenburg Concerto no. 8Bach6/02/2014
AriettaAnderson, Leroy6/02/2014
Brandenburg Concerto No. 2Bach6/02/2014
Adagion from the Symphony, Opus 12Pleyel-Fine6/02/2014
II Mio DoloroSica, A6/02/2014
Concerto op. 7 Nr. 1Albinoni, Tomaso12/08/2014
Sicilian AirPergolesi, G.B12/08/2014
LorenaSica, A12/08/2014
Manheim SinfoniaStamitz, Johann12/08/2014
AdorationBorowski, Felix12/08/2014
Backup and PushSica, A12/08/2014
Bluegrass DelightSica, A12/08/2014
Anvil ChorusVerdi, Guissepe12/08/2014
Themes from the MoldauSmetana, Bedrich12/08/2014
Yiddish ThemeSica, A6/01/2015
Anonymous Suite IIAnonymous6/01/2015
Concerto in G MajorVivaldi, Antonio6/01/2015
Concerto in D Minor op. 2 no. 5Geminiani, Francesco6/01/2015
Puccini ThemesSica, A6/01/2015
Greetings of PeaceSica, A6/01/2015
Concerto 8 op 6 No 8Corelli, Arcangelo12/04/2015
Chamber Suite in DHandel, George Frederick12/07/2015
Eine Kleine NachtmusikMozart, Wolfgang Amadeus12/07/2015
Suite for String Orchestra no 5Ariosti, Attilio12/07/2015
Sinfonia in G MajorAlbinoni, Tomaso12/07/2015
Symphony VIGossec, Francois-Joseph5/24/2016
Concerto PolonoisTelemann, George Phillipp5/24/2016
Divertimento No. 1Haydn, Franz Joseph5/24/2016
Pavan e GagliaraBonelli, Farina-Ettore5/24/2016
Concerto for four violinsVivaldi, Antonio5/24/2016
Air for StringsJoio Dello5/24/2016
Chamber Suite in DG.F. Handel12/05/2016
Concerto Op. IX no. 0 for two oboes and stringsTomaso Albinoni12/05/2016
Concerto Op. 5/1 - albinoniTomaso Albinoni12/05/2016
Two Folk Songs - Londonderry Air and Arkansas TravelerMcKay12/05/2016
Water Music SuiteG.F Handel12/05/2016
Tarantella ScozzeseSica5/23/2017
Sonata for trumpet and stringsHenry Purcell5/23/2017
Son of the PusztaBela-Sica5/23/2017
Sinfonia G MajorSamartini-Jenkins5/23/2017
Concerto Grosso d-mollVivaldi-Raphael5/23/2017